Edge of the Void #2



24" x 30"
Oil on Canvas

“A bridge that connects my “Void” series of color forward action paintings to my new, more methodical series of paintings which I call the “Edge” series.

Present in this piece are many textures, black drips, hairs from a paint roller, a line of white paint applied directly from the tube, and scratches revealing a red glow from within the white. There are two notable features of black: one at the bottom right which has a certain personhood; a callback to my “Void”paintings which explored the visceral nature of black paint. At the top is a black bar or line which is a foreshadowing of my “Edge” series.

This piece was created to be a “Void” painting and was the second in a series of three, but in retrospect it serves as the perfect segway to the paintings that came after it and is the only one of the series of three to survive, the others having been destroyed.”