The Jewel



20" x 24"
Oil on Canvas

“Named for the blue, shiny, gem-like shape that takes up most of the image and for my own adoration of this painting, “The Jewel” came to me in a flash as a vision.

Created over the course of several months (beginning in November of 2022) by layering strokes of paint over and over until this playful texture was achieved.

At this point we have moved from the subject of the black void (inky, concealing, forceful/powerful) and into the white void: a passive space for potential elements to show themselves. Possibly a mind space or the realm of thoughts and memories.

Another reason for the name “The Jewel” could be for the excavative nature of extracting and refining an image from the mine of one’s own mind.

There is something about the rhythmic balance of the lines and brushstrokes, the brightness of the white and deepness of the blue the quiet secrets of red and yellow hidden throughout.“